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Improving International Nuclear Safety

About this Web Site

This award winning web site is created and maintained by the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory in Richland, Washington for the Department of Energy. The following people have contributed to this effort:

Rose Byrum (testing)
Wendy Cowley (servers, database, perl)
Lee Ann Dudney (project management)
Kris Cook (application development)
Deanna Kratzer (document conversion/maintenance)
Tim Ledbetter (photo library)
Kristin Manke (document conversion/maintenance)
Michaela Mann (document conversion/maintenance)
Jodi Melland (document conversion/maintenance)
Doug Rice (perl coding)
Ian Roberts (site design/HTML)
Debbie Schulz (document conversion/maintenance)
Ted Tanasse (graphics support).

Each page is dynamically generated using Pacific Northwest's Pachelbel system. Pachelbel keeps the content separate from the page design and allows for simplified maintenance. More information about Pachelbel and its strengths as a computer-based learning tool are available in the Information Technology Showcase.

Web Site Awards

50/50 Award
"This year's winners were culled from more than 800 online applicants. As we expected, the bar keeps rising, with business use of the Web showing ever greater sophistication, ambition and effectiveness. In both the Internet and intranet categories, the main criteria were how impressively the nominated site delivered business value, how the design and technical attributes of the site contributed to its business objectives, and how well the blend of technology and design matched the needs of the site's target audience."
Juno Platinum Award
Awarded Platinum Award for Outstanding Quality in the following categories: Content, Design, Ease Of Use, Graphics, Music, Neatness, Originality, Performance, Popularity, and Readability. The Platinum Award is granted for sites of extreme quality. From Juno Enterprises


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About this Web Site
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