Important Note: This website contains historical data from the INSP project. As of 2004 the site is no longer maintained and certain sections do not work correctly.

INSP Intranet

This is the International Nuclear Safety Program's staff area. These resources are only available to INSP staff, and an access code is required to access them.

If you need the login information, please contact Gary Petersen at or call him at (509) 372-6504 to request a code.

The Foreign Trip Summary Reports (FTSR) Database provides INSP staff with an easy mechanism for querying and displaying trip reports that summarize foreign travel conducted by INSP staff members and subcontractors. This database assists future travelers in obtaining background information in preparation for upcoming foreign travel.

Bulletin Board
INSP Participants Bulletin Board: A forum for participants to ask and read questions and answers regarding contract issues. Requires an access code to enter. INSP staff can use their Intranet code, others may contact Gary Petersen to apply. Email or call him at (509) 372-6504 to request a code.


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