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Activity Report

June 14, 1996
Prepared by Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, Richland, Washington


Safety Parameter Display Systems for Chornobyl and Leningrad. A safety parameter display system automatically displays the status of a nuclear power plant's critical safety functions on a display console in the control room. This enables control room operators to pinpoint problems quickly and make informed, timely decisions. Russia's Kursk nuclear power plant (NPP) was the first plant chosen to receive a safety parameter display system. The second and third safety parameter display systems will be installed at the Chornobyl and Leningrad NPPs. During the week of June 10, 1996, representatives from Parsons Power, Westinghouse and RDIPE traveled to these two sites to begin developing memoranda of understanding with the plants and determining required variations in the design specifications to customize each system for the two sites. (Rich Denning, PNNL, 614-424-7412; Norm Fletcher, DOE, 301-903-3275)

Leningrad NPP Pipe Lathe. The International Nuclear Safety Program (INSP) project team members associated with the RBMK Maintenance Technology Transfer and Training project continue to improve their rapid response to requests from RBMK Maintenance Advisory Board members. An urgent request by a member of the Ignalina NPP RBMK Maintenance Advisory Board for a pipe lathe resulted in delivery of the pipe lathe 47 days after the initial request. Following a similar urgent request by a member of the Leningrad NPP Maintenance Advisory Board, a pipe lathe was delivered to Leningrad NPP on June 11, 1996. Turn around time on this request was 31 days from receipt of the requisition to delivery of the equipment to the plant.

The pipe lathe allows cuts and weld prepartion to be performed with the precision necessary for repair of main coolant piping. It was one of the technologies approved for acquisition by the project during the February 1996 Maintenance Advisory Board meetings in Charlotte, North Carolina. (Tom Vehec, PNNL, 509-372-4072)

Fire Hazard Analyses at Russian NPPs . The on-going fire hazard analysis at Balakova NPP and plans for fire hazard analyses at Smolensk NPP were topics of discussion when representatives from INSP met with representatives from Atomenergoprojekt, Rosenergoatom, and VNIIAES in Moscow on June 3 and 4, 1996. Because the Balakova fire hazard analysis began before the release of the draft Core Protection Evaluation Guidelines for Fires at Soviet-Designed Nuclear Power Plants, the Balakova analyses do not address all aspects of a safe shutdown analysis as performed in the United States. The participants discussed plans for an RBMK fire hazards analysis that probably will be performed at Smolensk NPP. This proposed analysis would begin with the application of the guidelines to perform a safe shutdown analysis and also include the probabilistic elements of the Balakova fire hazard analysis. A target date of October 1, 1996, was established to begin this study. (Rich Denning, PNNL, 614-424-7412; Chuck Ramsey, DOE, 301-903-5999)

VVER 1000 Meeting. Representatives of VVER 1000 reactors organized a meeting at VNIIAES the week of May 27-31, 1996 to discuss their work on developing emergency operating instructions (EOIs). Both Zaporozhye (Ukraine) and Balakovo (Russia) NPPs have developed verification and validation documents and have completed preliminary verification and validation on portions of revision 1 of the EOIs. Data from this verification and validation work has resulted in revisions to the EOIs. Kozloduy (Bulgaria) NPP has put together the initial team for their verification and validation work. Also in attendance at the meeting were representatives from Atomenergoprojekt, Gidropress, and the Kurchatov Institute. No U.S. representatives participated in this meeting.

Zaporozhye NPP has identified an organization to conduct independent EOI analysis and to verify analysis results from Gidropress. This organization has done preliminary calculations to compare the analysis results with real time events involving a pressurizer safety valve that remains open. The analysis work has already shown the need to broaden the scope of the initial list of required analysis.

One of the objectives of this meeting was to review the analysis performed thus far by Gidropress; however, this was not accomplished because there were no results available to review. Gidropress has now received the initial payments for analysis work from Balakovo and Kozloduy NPPs. This should provide sufficient funds for Gidropress to hire additional staff to perform the necessary analysis. Gidropress had originally requested all the funds prior to starting any analysis work. (Kent Faris, PNNL, 509-372-4068)

Smolensk NPP. Bechtel Power Corporation will provide 400 fire doors to Smolensk NPP. The fire doors are part of the fire protection upgrade project at Smolensk and are scheduled for delivery in September 1996. (Andrea Fernandez, PNNL, 509-375-2659)

Balakovo NPP Training Activities. Representatives from Balakovo NPP began a 2-week session at Sonalysts, Inc. facilities in Waterford, Connecticut. The objective of this training is to continue development of the simulator instructor training course, the electrical operations course, and the water chemistry technician course. The electrical operations course will be presented in July. (Sonja Haber, BNL, 516-344-3575)


Safety Parameter Display Systems for Chornobyl and Leningrad. See item under Russia.

VVER 440-213 EOI Development Working Group. Rivne NPP hosted a meeting of the VVER/440-213 EOI development working group on June 3-6, 1996. Staff from Rivne NPP presented a draft of their EOI development schedule. The work was reviewed by INSP representatives who made suggestions for areas of improvement. The concern with the schedule is the lack of resources assigned to the project. At present, Rivne staff working on EOI development for the Rivne VVER/440-213 units are doing so on their free time. Plant management has not committed to assigning resources to this or any other phase of the project. Rivne NPP staff signed a basic ordering agreement to facilitate future work efforts.

Kola and Rivne NPP staff submitted additional EOIs for review. This is laudable considering the lack of analysis work and lack of resource commitment at Rivne.

No progress was made on continuing negotiations with Gidropress to provide VVER/440-213 plants with the necessary analysis for continued EOI development. It is the opinion of the U.S. representatives that the VVER/440-213 EOI development effort would be better served by working with KFKI (Hungary), NRI-Rez (Czech Republic), and/or VUJE (Slovakia) for the necessary analysis work. Several factors support this opinion:

  • Gidropress is asking that the U.S. participants provide computers and peripherals valued at approximately $250K for this analysis work, while other institutes have computers that will perform the work equally well.
  • Despite receiving several training sessions in the United States on this type of analysis, Gidropress continues to ask for additional training. The institutes in Hungary, Czech Republic and Slovakia have proven through similar work that they have the internal capability to perform the analysis.
  • Gidropress/MOHT proposals for this analysis seem costly and without a clearly defined product. (Larry Sherfey, PNNL, 509-372-4080)

Computer Equipment for Energoprojekt. Computer equipment was purchased for use in conjunction with the probabilistic risk assessment training to be conducted by Scientech at Energoprojekt. The equipment was purchased June 6, 1996, with delivery scheduled for June 17, 1996. (Kerry Cullerton, PNNL, 509-375-2951)


IAEA Training Conference. INSP hosted representatives from Atomtechenergo, Balakovo NPP, Goscomatom, Khmelnytskyy NPP, Kozloduy NPP, Minatom, Rosenergoatom, and VNIIAES at the International Nuclear Energy Agency (IAEA) Design of Training Centers Conference. This forum gave host country participants a change to exchange ideas and lessons learned about establishing training centers in their countries. Staff from Balakovo and Khmelnytskyy NPP presented papers. (Sonja Haber, BNL,516-344-3575)


June 15-22 -- Brookhaven National Laboratory, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, and Savannah River Site.
Representatives from the Russian regulatory agency GAN will attend a seminar titled "Quality Assurance in Research Reactors and Fuel Facilities." They will receive an overview of quality assurance as applied to research reactors in the United States when they visit BNL, Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL), and the Savannah River Site June 15-22, 1996. (Jan van Erp, ANL, 708-252-3381; Ted Ginsberg, BNL, 516-344-2620)

June 16-22 -- Richland, Washington.
Staff from Gosatomnadzor will observe the 1996 radiological emergency preparedness exercise at Hanford. They also will tour several facilities associated with tank farm operations and emergency response. (George Vargo, PNNL, 509-375-6836)

June 17-21 -- Moscow, Russia.
Representatives from INSP will participate in a technology transfer strategy meeting with representatives from all Russian NPPs and all organizations involved with nuclear power plant personnel training (Minatom, Rosenergoatom, Atomtechenergo, VNIIAES). (Sonja Haber, BNL, 516-344-3575)

June 21-July 2 -- Chornobyl NPP, Ukraine.
A workshop on developing and implementing EOIs will be held at Chornobyl NPP. Following the workshop, participants will identify deliverables and agree on a schedule for future work. In addition, work will begin on implementing new Management and Operational Controls procedures at Chornobyl NPP. (Dennis Meyers, DOE, 202-586-7834)

June 22-29 -- Crete, Greece.
Representatives from INSP will participate in the International Atomic Energy Agency conference on "Risk Issues for Soviet-Designed Reactors." (Dan Giessing, DOE, 301-903-2852)

*June 23-29 -- Darmstadt, Germany.
Risk scenarios associated with the Chornobyl shelter will be discussed at a meeting of the European Commission Chornobyl Nuclear Power Plant Project (EC Shelter Project). Representatives from INSP will attend. (Dan Giessing, DOE, 301-903-2852)

June 23-29 -- Moscow, Russia.
Members of the Kola In-Depth Safety Analysis (KOLISA) project team will meet to review project guidelines, conduct a plant walkdown, and introduce human reliability concepts. (Walt Pasedag, DOE, 301-903-3628)

June 24-28 -- Khmelnytskyy NPP, Ukraine.
General Physics Corporation personnel amd staff from Khmelnytskyy staff will continue development of training courses for the refueling floor operators, chemical operators, and control room reactor operators. (Sonja Haber, BNL, 516-344-3575)

June 24-28 -- Kozloduy NPP, Bulgaria.
There will be an EOI development workshop at Kozloduy NPP. Participants will include representatives from all VVER-440/230 and VVER-1000 NPPs. (Kent Faris, PNNL, 509-372-4068)

June 24-29 -- Vilnius, Lithuania.
INSP representatives will attend meetings to discuss RBMK input model development, computer code assessment activities, and plant calculations. A project plan for the validation of the RELAP5 computer code for application to RBMK reactors will be developed. (Walt Pasedag, DOE, 301-903-3628)

June 28-July 6 -- Moscow, Russia.
U.S. specialists will participate in meetings to develop a detailed work scope for the Leningrad NPP deterministic safety analysis project. This activity is part of an international cooperative effort to develop a probabilistic risk assessment for the Leningrad NPP Unit 2. (Walt Pasedag, DOE, 301-903-3628)

June 29-July 3 -- Moscow, Russia.
Management and technical staff from Electrogorsk Research and Engineering Center will meet with U.S. specialists. Instrumentation issues at the Electrogorsk test facility, which provides data for validating computer codes to be used in VVER-1000 reactor safety analyses, will be discussed. DOE plans to provide the facility with surplus two-phase flow instrumentation to help resolve the issues. (Walt Pasedag, DOE, 301-903-3628)

*July 8-19 -- Kozloduy NPP, Bulgaria.
Sonalysts and General Physics personnel will work with Kozloduy NPP staff on the development of the control room reactor operator training program. (Sonja Haber, BNL, 516-344-3575)

July 8-22 -- Chornobyl NPP, Ukraine.
U.S. staff will coordinate the installation of equipment for the satellite linking PNNL with the Chornobyl Center for Nuclear Safety, Radioactive Waste and Radioecology. Once the system is operational, staff from Chornobyl NPP will be trained in its operation and basic troubleshooting. (Dan Giessing, DOE, 301-903-2852)

*July 15-17 -- Paris, France.
There will be a third, and final, meeting of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) support group on Soviet-designed nuclear reactors. Participants are expected to approve their final draft report. (John Honekamp, PNNL, 509-372-6415)

*July 15-19 -- Balakovo NPP, Russia.
Sonalysts, Inc. personnel and Balakovo NPP staff will implement the pilot electrical operations training course. They will continue development of the electrical maintenance, water chemistry, and radiation protection pilot training courses and the simulator instructor specialized training project. (Sonja Haber, BNL, 516-344-3575)

*July 15-26 -- Chornobyl NPP, Ukraine.
General Physics and Chornobyl specialists will work on the continued development of the control room reactor operator training program. (Sonja Haber, BNL, 516-344-3575)

July 19-August 3 -- Metsamor, Armenia.
INSP team members will meet with Metsamor NPP staff for discussions on EOIs, management and operational safety, and training. (Kent Faris, PNNL, 509-372-4068)

July 22-26 -- Brussels, Belgium, and Rivne NPP, Ukraine.
Representatives from Burns and Roe and INSP will meet in Brussels with representatives from a European community program of Technical Assistance to the Commonwealth of Independent States (TACIS). The team will then travel to Rivne NPP to discuss the activities required to provide a safety parameter display system compatible with the planned TACIS upgrades of the Rivne instrumentation and control systems. (Rich Reister, DOE, 301-903-0234)

July 29-August 2 -- Metsamor NPP, Armenia.
The VVER-440/230 EOI working group will meet at Metsamor NPP. Representatives from all VVER-440/230 NPPs are scheduled to attend. (Kent Faris, PNNL, 509-372-4068)

July TBD -- Kursk NPP, Russia.
U.S. specialists will visit Kursk NPP in Russia to train plant staff in the use of ultrasonic testing equipment and a re-engineered high-temperature suit, which have been recently delivered to the site. (Jim Guppy, BNL, 516-344-2698)

August 26-30 -- Kola NPP, Russia.
There will be a VVER-440/213 EOI working group meeting at Kola NPP. Representatives from all VVER-440/213 NPPs are scheduled to attend. (Kent Faris, PNNL, 509-372-4068)

August 26-30 -- Ignalina NPP, Lithuania.
There will be an RBMK EOI working group meeting at Ignalina NPP. Representatives from all RBMK NPPs are scheduled to attend. (Kent Faris, PNNL, 509-372-4068)

September 9-13 -- Kozloduy NPP, Bulgaria.
There will be a VVER-1000 EOI working group meeting at Kozloduy NPP. Representatives from all VVER-1000 NPPs are scheduled to attend. (Kent Faris, PNNL, 509-372-4068)

November 4-8 -- Kozloduy NPP, Bulgaria.
There will be a VVER-440/230 EOI working group meeting at Kozloduy NPP. Representatives from all VVER-440/230 NPPs are scheduled to attend. (Kent Faris, PNNL, 509-372-4068)

November 4-8 -- Zaporizhzhya NPP, Ukraine.
There will be a VVER-1000 EOI working group meeting at Zaporizhzhya NPP. Representatives from all VVER-1000 NPPs are scheduled to attend. (Kent Faris, PNNL, 509-372-4068)

November 18-22 -- Smolensk NPP, Russia.
There will be an RBMK EOI working group meeting at Smolensk NPP. Representatives from all RBMK NPPs are scheduled to attend. (Kent Faris, PNNL, 509-372-4068)

December 9-13 -- Bohunice NPP, Slovakia.
There will be a VVER-440/213 EOI working group meeting at Bohunice NPP. Representatives from all VVER-440/213 NPPs are scheduled to attend. (Kent Faris, PNNL, 509-372-4068)

"*" indicates the event is a new item or has been changed from the last report.

Note: in the interest of providing a timely update on the Soviet-Designed-Reactor Safety Program, no formal document review of this weekly report has been conducted by DOE or PNNL.


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