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Nuclear-Related Web Sites

Nuclear Facts and Figures
- International Nuclear Safety Center Database
- Energy Information Administration National Energy Information Center
- CIA World Fact Book and other publications
- Nuclear Energy Institute
- How Nuclear Power and Nuclear Radiation Works
- Chernobyl Journal (mostly in Russian, some in English)
- Ignalina NPP web site

Nuclear Policy
- State Nuclear Regulatory Committee of Ukraine
- Rosenergotom
- Center for Strategic and International Studies
- Center for Environmental Security
- DOE Office of Nuclear Energy, Science and Technology
- DOE Office of Nonproliferation and National Security
- Electric Power Research Institute
- Nuclear Regulatory Commission
- Energoatom Website
- Russian Academy of Sciences
- International Atomic Energy Agency
- OECD Nuclear Energy Agency
- OECD Nuclear Energy Library

Nuclear Safety Information and Research
- Kazakhstan Nuclear Technology Safety Center
- European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD)
- G-24 Nuclear Safety Coordination (NUSAC)
- Slavutych Laboratory of International Research and Technology
- MIT Research: Nuclear Safety and Technology
- Nuclear Safety Research Center
- European Commission - Nuclear Safety
- European Bank for Reconstruction and Development
- Joint Institute for Nuclear Research Welcome Page
- Kurchatov Institute
- The Environmental Foundation Bellona
- Belgian Nuclear Research Centre
- IAEA Soviet-designed Reactor Safety Information
- Institute for Protection and Nuclear Safety
- International Nuclear Events Scale
- Karlsruhe Research Center
- Nordic Nuclear Power Safety
- Nordic Radiation Protection Society


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