Important Note: This website contains historical data from the INSP project. As of 2004 the site is no longer maintained and certain sections do not work correctly.

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Graphics and Flags

This page contains graphics and illustrations that can be used for INSP presentations. All graphics are linked to tif format files. The tif files are high quality and more suitable for printing. Help with Tif files is also available.

If you want to save the file to a specific place on your hard drive, Shift-click on the link (Macintosh Option-click) and Netscape will prompt you for a location.

Country Flags
Armenia Armenia (tif 43k) bulgaria Bulgaria (tif 171k) Czechoslovakia
Czech Republic (tif 165k)
hungary Hungary (tif 171k) Lithuania Lithuania (tif 5k) Kazakhstan Kazakhstan (tif 521k)
Russia Russia (tif 129k) Slovakia Slovakia (tif 171k) Ukraine Ukraine (tif 43k)

US-Russia flags US/Russia Flags (tif 1,839k) US-ukraine flags US/Ukraine Flags (tif 1,833k)


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