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Balakovo : | Operating History | Technical Activities | Accomplishments |

Technical/Upgrading Activities

Some of the ongoing safety and operational improvements include management training, the development of symptom-based emergency operating instructions and operating procedures, provision of an analytical simulator, and construction of a waste treatment facility.


Under the United States' Lisbon Initiative, Russia's first nuclear training center is located at Balakovo. A U.S. contractor, Sonalysts, Inc., was selected to assist with developing the training programs at Balakovo.

A training needs analysis was performed in cooperation with Balakovo plant managers that identified program development requirements and priorities. Training programs focus on job-specific operations (such as reactor, turbine, and refueling activities); maintenance (such as instrumentation and control, mechanical, and electrical systems); and personnel (such as shift supervisors). Specialists from Balakovo have traveled to the United States to receive instructor training during their visit to Sonalysts, Inc. The trained Balakovo staff have then presented courses to other plant staff.

Representatives from Balakovo NPP and the Minatom Institute for Upgrading Training have worked with Brookhaven National Laboratory staff on a review of a management training course developed by Brookhaven National Laboratory (BNL). The Institute plans to develop a management training and qualification program for senior managers at all Russian NPPs and would like to use the Balakovo course as one of its basic courses. This situation presents U.S. participants with a unique opportunity to become directly involved with training programs for senior-level NPP managers across Russia.

Symptom-Based Emergency Operating Instructions

All 49 of the symptom-based emergency operations instructions (SBEOIs) for Balakovo VVER-1000 reactors are complete. Additional safety analyses are being performed to verify these procedures. Symptom-based instructions are tied to plant symptoms (e.g., changes in reactor pressure, water, level, or containment/confinement pressure) and can be obtained by operators in seconds.

Operating Procedures

Eight improved operating procedures were implemented at Balakovo, which is the pilot plant in Russia. The procedures are based on 16 guidelines developed by a working group composed of representatives from the nuclear power plants, from VNIIAES and Goscomatom, U.S. industry, the Institute of Nuclear Power Operations, DOE, and a vice president from the Brunswick Nuclear Power Plant. The guidelines describe how various operational activities will be conducted.

Waste Treatment

The German company Nukem has agreed to build a nuclear waste treatment center at the Balakovo plant. The equipment to treat the waste will cost DM 23.5 million ($16.1 million), with the plant paying part of the cost. The center is expected to be operational in 1996 or 1997.

Balakovo : | Operating History | Technical Activities | Accomplishments |


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