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Bilibino: | Operating History | Scope of DOE Activities | Accomplishments


Management and Operational Safety

  • An analytical simulator project has been initiated for the plant; the simulator is scheduled to be complete in December 1999.

  • As part of the first phase in transferring the Systematic Approach to Training methodology and training materials developed at the Balakovo Training Center to the Bilibino plant, pilot courses for shift supervisors and instrument and control technicians were implemented.

  • Instructors from the plant were trained in the Systematic Approach to Training methodology and in instructor skills.

  • Plant engineers attended a corrosion workshop in Alaska that focused on reactor corrosion and corrosion control.

  • The first phase of developing a maintenance training classroom for Bilibino was completed. Additional materials will be provided to complete the room renovation.

  • Maintenance training classes on reactor protective circuit boards were completed.

Plant Safety Evaluations

  • Training was provided to a plant engineer in using the SCALE computer code package (a suite of criticality, neutronics and heat-transfer codes used by the nuclear industry to support licensing submittals). He was also given preliminary indoctrination in the use of MCNP (codes for criticality and shielding calculations) and Visual Editor, which provides visual display of results.

Nuclear Safety Institutional and Regulatory Framework

  • An improved communication link was established between the Bilibino plant and the Alaskan Emergency Response Office. Enhanced systems are being provided to improve communications between the plant, which is located in an extremely remote area of Russia, and the outside world.

Bilibino: | Operating History | Scope of DOE Activities | Accomplishments


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