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Bohunice Nuclear Power Plant

Bohunice NPP Plant Operating History

Scope of DOE Activities


Plant Manager: Ladislav Rataj
Utility: Electrostation Bohunice
Telephone No.: 42-805-21301
Fax: 42-805-24467

Reactor Model Net Output Initial Criticality Status
Unit 1 VVER-400 V230 408 MWe 11/1978 Operating
Unit 2 VVER-440 V230 408 MWe 3/1980 Operating
Unit 3 VVER-440 V213 408 MWe 8/1984 Operating
Unit 4 VVER-440 V213 408 MWe 8/1985 Operating
Bohunice Units 1 - 4
Trnava, Zapadoslovensky, Slovak Republic
Pressurized Water Reactors (PWRs)
Utility: Electrostation Bohunice
Reactor Supplier: Atomenergoexport (Units 1 and 2), Skoda (Units 3 and 4)
Architecture: EGP
Construction: Hydrostav
Steam Generator Supplier: Atomenergoexport (Units 1 and 2), Skoda (Units 3 and 4)
Bohunice A1
Trnava, Zapadoslovensky, Slovak Republic Gas-Cooled, Heavy-Water-Moderated Reactor (GCHWR)
Net Output: 104 Mwe
Decommissioned. Date started: 12/1972
Date closed: 05/1979


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