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Management and Operational Safety

  • Operator exchanges that trained plant personnel to develop improved operating safety procedures and practices were completed.

  • A complete set of planned management and operational control procedures that provide safety through improved operating practices was developed and implemented at the plant.

  • An upgrade of the VVER-440/213 full-scope simulator and related software for the Trnava Training Center is in progress. As part of the upgrade, the RELAP5 computer code for the primary system model has been delivered. The new input/output system has been partially installed; installation is scheduled to be completed during 1999.

  • A program to transfer the Systematic Approach to Training methodology has been initiated. As part of this program, a pilot training program for training instructors was developed and implemented. Instructor skills and simulator instructor training also were provided for the Trnava Training Center.

Engineering and Technology Upgrades

  • Technical support has been provided for instrumentation and control upgrades needed to implement a safety parameter display system at the plant.

Plant Safety Evaluations

  • A comprehensive safety assessment program conducted at the plant was used to identify design weaknesses and prioritize safety upgrades.

  • The transfer of capability to Slovakian nuclear organizations for performing analyses of confinement loads and structural response under postulated accident conditions is in progress.

  • Introductory training workshops were conducted on safety analysis tools and application methods in support of Slovakian infrastructure development for safety assessments.

Nuclear Safety Institutional and Regulatory Framework

  • The transfer to the regulator of computer codes for analyzing severe core accident scenarios for VVER nuclear power plants is in progress.

Bohunice : | Operating History | Scope of DOE Activities | Accomplishments |


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