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Management and Operational Safety

  • Improved management and operational control procedures for Unit 3 were implemented.

  • All symptom-based emergency operating instructions that promote safety through improved accident mitigation strategies were implemented at Unit 3.

  • Quality assurance upgrades for the plant were provided, including three seminars on quality in maintenance; three Chornobyl staff members were trained on conduct of internal quality assurance audits.

  • Operator exchanges that trained plant personnel to develop improved operating safety procedures and practices were completed.

  • An analytical simulator for Unit 3 was installed and is being used for training operators.

  • Basic equipment was provided for the development and support of training at the plant. This equipment included personal computers, AutoCAD workstations, software, printers, scanners, overhead projectors and screens, office furniture, a photocopier, whiteboards, and various consumables and office supplies.

  • Workshops on the Systematic Approach to Training methodology were conducted for Chornobyl management and training personnel. Instructor skills training was provided to assist Chornobyl training personnel in improving instruction techniques.

  • Radiation protection and control room operator pilot training courses were developed and implemented at the plant using the Systematic Approach to Training methodology.

  • Valve-seat resurfacing equipment, a pipe lathe/weld preparation machine, a vibration monitoring and shaft alignment system, and an electrical fault detection thermography camera for improving safety maintenance activities at Unit 3 were provided. Training on use of this equipment was completed by U.S. specialists.

Engineering and Technology Upgrades

  • Fire protection equipment, including protective clothing, hose nozzles, penetration sealant material, and structural steel coating material, was provided. Design of a fire detection and alarm system was completed. The Askenn company has installed the structural steel coating material. Installation of the detection system will be completed by the end of 1998 or early in 1999.

  • Additional fire protection equipment, including portable radios and a base station, self-contained breathing apparatus units, air tanks for existing units, an air compressor, and fire extinguishers, is scheduled for delivery in early 1999.

  • Technology for manufacturing fire doors was transferred to the Ukrainian firm, Askenn Concern. Askenn provided 250 fire doors to Unit 3. Installation of the fire doors has been initiated and is scheduled for completion in early 1999.

  • Two advanced ultrasonic flaw detectors were delivered to Unit 3; plant personnel were trained in their use.

  • Factory testing of a safety parameter display system for Unit 3 was completed. The equipment was shipped to the plant and installation began in December 1998.

Chornobyl : | Operating History | Scope of DOE Activities | Accomplishments | Initiatives |


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