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Ignalina : | Operating History | Technical Activities | Accomplishments |

Technical/Upgrading Activities

The plant has carried out numerous major upgrades since 1989, including
  • modification of reactor control and protection systems
  • replacement of fuel channel inlet flow control isolation valves
  • fire protection upgrading
  • increasing the reliability of emergency core cooling system pumps.

Current upgrades and initiatives include the following:

  • upgrading the plant analyzer system - The system was expanded to allow multiple simultaneous users. Staff from Brookhaven National Laboratory and Science Applications International have conducted training workshops for Ignalina staff on the use and modification of plant analyzers.
  • symptom-based emergency operating instructions - The Ignalina symptom-based EOIs are being developed, including review by international experts (Swedish, U.S., and Lithuanian). The EOIs were compared to the results of probabilistic risk assessments, which helped identify important operator performance issues.
  • instrumentation and control system module replacement. This project will focus on the development of a reliable, bi-stable electronic module to replace the current modules at Ignalina Unit 2. The modules monitor critical safety conditions at the plant.
  • pipe lathe - The Ignalina plant received a lathe for cutting pipe and preparing welds in 800-mm-diameter piping. A lathe with high precision was needed to remove and replace four sections of cracked piping in the main coolant loop of the reactor.

Safety Assessment

A safety assessment of the plant has been conducted by the Swedish firm Vattenfall, the Canadian firm AECL, several Russian institutes, and the Lithuanian energy ministry. Results will be presented to VATESI.

Ignalina : | Operating History | Technical Activities | Accomplishments |


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