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January/February 2000
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Ignalina trainers implement new instructional program

During the last two weeks of January, training specialists from Ignalina NPP completed work and implemented a new instructional program aimed at plant reactor turbine technicians. Three technicians served as students in the mechanical maintenance course developed specifically for Ignalina NPP. Training specialists from Sonalysts, Inc., and Balakovo NPP in Russia collaborated with the Ignalina trainers to develop the course and course-specific materials. In addition, a training specialist from Human Performance Analysis Corporation attended the implementation session as an independent evaluator. Ignalina NPP training and maintenance management personnel also attended segments of the implementation. (John Yoder DOE, 301-903-5650; Don Draper, PNNL, 509-372-4079) *

Installation of control-and-protection system modules begins at Ignalina Unit 2

Replacement modules for Ignalina Unit 2's control-and-protection system were built in 1998 and delivered to Ignalina Unit 2. NUS Instruments built 100 modules; a Lithuanian company, the Center for Electromagnetic Compatibility, built 200 more. In February, the installation of the first 100 modules began in one complete channel of the three-channel control-and-protection system. Performance of the new modules will be observed until the next maintenance outage in the fall. If the performance is satisfactory, the remaining 200 modules will be installed, completing the update of the modules. The control-and-protection system monitors plant conditions and automatically shuts down the reactor if conditions become abnormal. (Rich Reister, DOE, 301-903-0234; Ron Wright, PNNL, 509-372-4076) *


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