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April 2000
Czech Republic
United States
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Hardware for upgraded Ignalina 2 control-and-protection system undergoes site acceptance test

On April 13, a partial site acceptance test was completed on hardware for the control-and-protection system upgrade at Ignalina Unit 2. The test involved simulating the sensor input to the four logic cabinets and relay terminal interface boxes. Plant workers will connect the system to the sensors later in the year, so that the system can be made operational when the plant returns to power following a fall outage. The balance of the site acceptance test will be conducted at that time.

An identical system has been in operation at Unit 1 since September 1998. The purpose of the system is to provide backup protection to safely shut down the reactor for several important accident sequences that are not mitigated sufficiently by the original reactor protection system.

Principal participants in this project are Parsons Power (technical management), Foxboro, SCIENTECH, the Lithuania Energy Institute, Ignalina NPP, and VATESI, the Lithuanian regulatory authority. The partial site acceptance test completes the U.S. scope of responsibility for this effort. (Grigory Trosman, DOE, 301-903-3581; Ron Wright, PNNL, 509-372-4076)*


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