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May 2000
Czech Republic
United States
Cross-Cutting Activities
Planned Activities

Cross-Cutting Activities

International working group meets

The International Atomic Energy Agency held a meeting of the Working Group on Accident Analysis of and Training Program for the RBMK-1000 Kursk NPP at its facilities in Vienna, Austria. Participants from Austria, Germany, Russia, Switzerland, and the United States, including a member of the U.S. team, attended the mid-May meeting. Group members have met periodically over the past few years, working toward a detailed technical report on their topic.

During the May meeting, the group decided that one of the calculations to be shown in the final report (the loss of feedwater transient) should be performed as a benchmark, providing a comparison of the various computer programs being used elsewhere in the analyses (e.g., RELAP5/MOD3.2, RELAP5-3D, ATHLET, and STEPAN/KOBRA). Group members also concluded that additional discussions and work will be needed for the accident analysis simulation and training system for Kursk NPP.

The working group will meet again in October to finalize the technical report. At a final meeting in mid-January 2001, the group will discuss peer review of the technical report. (Walter Pasedag, DOE, 301-903-3628; Jordi Roglans, ANL, 630-252-3283) *

Computer code validation effort reviewed

Work to validate computer codes for transient analysis of RBMK and VVER reactors underwent review in late May in Moscow. The project is a joint effort of the U.S. and Russian international nuclear safety centers. Detailed technical discussions centered on the analyses performed for RBMK standard problem R5 by specialists at the Electrogorsk Research Center for Nuclear Power Plants Safety and at Argonne National Laboratory. Discussions provided an opportunity for each analytical team to raise questions regarding the work in the other side’s analysis report. Participants compiled a list of modeling differences and discussed the topics to cover in the joint comparative analysis report. The group agreed that each team will continue work toward completing its final reports and then begin work on the comparative report. (Walter Pasedag, DOE, 301-903-3628; Jordi Roglans, ANL, 630-252-3283) *


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