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Khmelnytskyy : | Operating History | Scope of DOE Activities | Accomplishments |

Scope of DOE Activities

At the Khmelnytskyy nuclear power plant, DOE's effort have focused mainly on establishing the Khmelnytskyy Training Center, a fully equipped training facility at which reactor operators from other Ukrainian reactors can be trained in the "Systematic Approach to Training" methodology (1993-1998).

At the Khmelnytskyy Training Center, job-specific and general safety-related courses have been developed for use at the Center and at other Ukrainian nuclear plants (1993-1998). Other major projects focus on developing improved operating procedures and practices (1995-ongoing), providing a full-scope plant simulator to enhance effectiveness of training (1994-1998), and providing a safety parameter display system (1996-ongoing). Other projects support in-depth safety assessments (1998-ongoing) and provision of nondestructive examination equipment (1997-1998).

Khmelnytskyy : | Operating History | Scope of DOE Activities | Accomplishments |


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