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Khmelnytskyy : | Operating History | Scope of DOE Activities | Accomplishments |


Management and Operational Safety

  • A full-scope simulator was installed at the plant in December 1997 and is now in use for training plant operators.

  • Basic equipment was provided for the development and support of the Khmelnytskyy Training Center. This equipment included computers, scanners, printers, photocopiers, fax machines, office furniture, whiteboards, overhead projectors, projector screens, and various consumables and office supplies.

  • A fully equipped nuclear power plant training center was established at the plant. More than 2,000 attendees have taken training center courses.

  • Operator exchanges that trained plant personnel to develop improved operating safety procedures and practices were completed.

  • Training specialists from the Khmelnytskyy Training Center, working with U.S. specialists, developed and conducted eight planned job-specific maintenance and operating courses and four planned general courses on nuclear safety-related topics.

  • To complement the eight job-specific maintenance and operation training courses, course-specific equipment was provided to the plant. This equipment included soldering stations, a refueling simulator with video simulation capabilities, water chemistry equipment, and AutoCAD workstations.

  • The mechanical maintenance, motor-operated valve repair course was developed at the Khmelnytskyy Training Center and transferred for use at the Balakovo Training Center.

Engineering and Technology Upgrades

  • A safety parameter display system was installed in July 1998.

  • Two advanced ultrasonic flaw detectors were delivered to the plant.

Plant Safety Evaluations

  • An in-depth safety assessment for Unit 1 was initiated. The contract for Phase I planning was awarded. Computer equipment for the in-depth safety assessment work was installed at the plant.

Khmelnytskyy : | Operating History | Scope of DOE Activities | Accomplishments |


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