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Rivne Operating History

Rivne has experienced problems with steam-generator tube breaks, which have been the subject of several international technical exchange activities.

According to the Russian news agency TASS, computers to aid plant operators were installed at one of Rivne's nuclear units by the Moscow Research Institute of Instrument-Making in 1992, marking the first use of such a system in a nuclear power plant in the former Soviet Union. The computers will help operators make correct decisions and verify their actions.

The Ukrainian Parliament's 1990 moratorium stopped construction on a fourth unit at the plant. In October 1993, the Ukrainian Parliament voted to lift the moratorium on new plant construction, citing Ukraine's energy shortage as the reason. In February 1994, then- President Kravchuk issued a directive calling for the completion by 1999 of five VVER-1000 s that were under construction, including Rivne 4.

Rivne Unit 4 could reportedly be operating at full power by July 1997.

Source: Source Book: Soviet-Designed Nuclear Power Plants in Russia, Ukrane, Lithuania, the Czech Republic, the Slovak Republic, Hungary, and Bulgaria, 4th edition. Nuclear Energy Institute. 1996. (online)

Rivne : | Operating History | Technical Activities | Accomplishments |


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