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April - June 2002
Czech Republic
United States
Cross-Cutting Activities
Planned Activities

Table of Contents

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- Activity Report pdf (100k)
- Senior PNNL Delegation Travels to Russia for 10-Year Program Review

Cross Cutting Activities
- International Workshop on Safety of First-Generation VVER-440 Nuclear Power Plants
- Bubbler Condenser Steering Group (BCSG) Meets
- Emergency Operating Procedures Workshop Takes Place in Vienna, Austria
- Design Basis Documents Developed at IAEA Workshop

- Plans Made for Emergency Preparedness Exercise at Bilibino NPP
- Leningrad EOI and ISA Project Meetings Take Place
- Status of Several Russian Safety Projects Reviewed
- ADE Reactor Safety Upgrade Project
- Kola NPP In-Depth Safety Assessment Project

- Meetings Held on In-Depth Safety Assessment (ISA) Projects for VVER Plants in Ukraine
- Sixth International Information Forum on Safety Analysis for Nuclear Power Plants of the VVER and RBMK Types (Forum-6) Takes Place in Vienna
- U.S. and Ukraine Coordinating Committee Meeting
- Further Development on Ukrainian Partner Web Site
- Zaporizhzhya Unit 1 Full Scope Simulator Project Status Reviewed
- Project Meetings Held at the Center for Reactor Core Design
- Ukrainian Nuclear Fuels Qualification Project (UNFQP) Progresses
- Project Construction Management Group - Status of Heat Plant Commissioning Discussed
- Design Document System Management and Other Ukraine Projects Discussed
- Ukraine Code Support Project Representatives Meet
- Safety Parameter Display System (SPDS) Training Program in Ukraine

- Integrated Physical Security Design
- Security Upgrade Implementation of Service Water System
- Armenia NPP Procedure Upgrades
- Thermohydraulics Code Shared with Armenia NPP

Previous Activity Reports (April 1996 to Present)

The Quarterly Activity Report is prepared for the U.S. National Nuclear Security Administration Office of International Nuclear Safety and Cooperation by Pacific Northwest National Laboratory under Contract DE-AC06-76RL01830.


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