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Quarterly Activity Report of the International Nuclear Safety Program.
April - June 2002
Czech Republic
United States
Cross-Cutting Activities
Planned Activities


Meetings Held on In-Depth Safety Assessment (ISA) Projects for VVER Plants in Ukraine

An ANL technical specialist attended meetings in Kyiv, Ukraine on the in-depth safety assessment (ISA) projects being sponsored at their VVER plants. In particular, a meeting was held to discuss the status and schedule for the ISA projects. The meeting resulted in an updated working schedule for the ISA projects. The working schedule presents the current plans for carrying out the ISA studies by the nuclear power plant project teams and their consultants, and includes the schedule for the project peer reviews. Energoatom (the Ukrainian utility) emphasized that the NNSA safety assessment program has been of great benefit to Ukraine. As a result of this program some subtle safety risks were revealed and some proposed plant upgrades were found to have limited impact on safety. The completion of the remaining ISA tasks will be important to more accurately identify safety needs to prioritize safety improvements. (Mark Petri, ANL, 630-252-3719)

Sixth International Information Forum on Safety Analysis for Nuclear Power Plants of the VVER and RBMK Types (Forum-6) Takes Place in Vienna

Two ANL technical representatives traveled to Vienna, Austria and then to Kiev, Ukraine to help with final preparations and assist in conducting the Sixth International Information Forum on Safety Analysis for Nuclear Power Plants of the VVER and RBMK Types (Forum-6). The meeting was attended by several ANL specialists, a representative from the Idaho National Engineering and Environmental Laboratory (INEEL), and approximately 150 other attendees. The purpose of the meeting was to bring plant, utility, regulatory, and research institute personnel together in an open forum to exchange information concerning past, present, and planned safety assessment work at Soviet-designed reactors.

The INEEL representative chaired sessions devoted to the International RELAP5 Users Group (IRUG) attended by about 40 people and included 17 presented papers. Good discussions were held and the attendees felt that including these sessions as part of the forum was very valuable and should be continued.

An ANL representative chaired the closing session of the forum during which participants made recommendations for future forums. Recommended future forum topics included the regulatory review of safety assessments; internal and external hazard analyses, uncertainty analyses, probabilistic risk assessment applications (including the implementation of risk monitors; safety of staff, the public, and the environment; emergency operating instructions; and severe accident management. (Charles Dickerman, ANL, 630-252-4622;Mark Petri, ANL, 630-252-3719)

U.S./Ukraine Coordinating Committee Meeting

The U.S./Ukraine Coordinating Committee Meeting was held on April 9, 2002. An ANL technical specialist attended this meeting, held in Kyiv, Ukraine. Energoatom is working toward having the lead-plants licensed by the end of June 2002. Energoatom plans to append an updated in-depth safety assessment schedule as a supplement to the license submittal to the nuclear regulator to indicate when the remaining safety assessment tasks will be completed. To this end, the committee agreed that a meeting of the In-depth Safety Assessment Schedule Committee should be help in the near future. (Mark Petri, ANL, 630-252-3719)

Scheduling Finalized for ISA Work at Khmelnytskyy and Rivne NPPs

To assist in maximizing use of the Ukrainian technical resources available for In-depth Safety Assessment (ISA) projects, an ANL technical specialist traveled to Kyiv, Ukraine and met with representatives from Khmelnytskyy and Rivne NPPs. The ANL representative first met with the technical management from Khmelnytskyy NPP, staff from the Ukrainian technical organizations working on that ISA, and staff from the Data Systems and Solutions - technical assistance contractor for the project. These meetings were held to reach agreement on details of Khmelnytskyy ISA work scheduling through summer 2002.

The second meeting was with technical management from Rivne NPP, staff from Ukrainian technical organizations working on the Rivne ISA project, and its technical assistance contractor, SCIENTECH. Agreement was reached on the Rivne ISA work schedule for summer 2002. (Charles Dickerman, ANL, 630-252-4622)

Further Development of Ukrainian Partner Web Site

On April 8, 2002 a technical specialist from ANL met with representatives of Kyiv State University (KSU) in Kyiv, Ukraine and the International Nuclear Safety Centers (INSC) regarding the status and further development of the Ukrainian partner web site and infrastructure. This Web site will complement the existing network of INSC sites previously established at ANL, the Russian INSC in Moscow, the Lithuanian Energy Institute in Kaunas, and the National Technology and Science Center in Almaty, Kazakhstan. Discussions with personnel from the department for Nuclear Technology and Cybernetics were held with regards to future development and standardization needs. With the help of the cybernetics department of KSU, the conditions for videoconferencing were tested and plans for adjustments were made. (Herbert Ley, ANL, 630-252-8224)

Zaporizhzhya Unit 1 Full-Scope Simulator Project Status Reviewed

A technical specialist from PNNL participated in meetings with VNIIAES-Lakrom in Moscow, Russia to discuss the status of Zaporizhzhya NPPs Unit 1 full scope simulator project. Topics of discussion included; the overall project schedule, the Pre-Acceptance Test Procedure (ATP) phase, and other issues relating to project completion. According to the current project schedule the final ready-for-training date is November 20, 2002. The Pre-ATP phase was initiated on March 13, 2002 and is scheduled for completion on August 27, 2002. The next project review meeting is scheduled for August 7-9 where discussions will take place regarding the final ATP phase schedule, to begin August 28, 2002. (Andrei Glukhov, PNNL, 509-375-3961)

Project Meetings Held at the Center for Reactor Core Design

At the beginning of April, two representatives traveled to Ukraine for meetings with staff from the Karkiv Institute of Physics and Technology (KhIPT)/Center for Reactor Core Design (CRCD). There were three primary purposes for the meetings; 1) plan long-term task orders to secure CRCD support of the project into 2005, 2) conduct a limited review of CRCD financial management practices, and 3) execute documentation required by Ukrainian tax authorities. The discussions included approximately 15 CRCD staff, including the Center Director, the Deputy Director, and the Chief Accountant.

During the long-term planning sessions, five specific task orders were discussed and statements of work and proposals were developed. The PNNL representatives interviewed 11 CRCD staff members and found that they were all paid every month and were generally satisfied with the salaries they were receiving, even though the amounts varied depending on their participation in work on task orders. Finally, over 100 documents required by the Ukrainian tax authorities were signed and stamped.(Kent Carlson, PNNL, 509-375-6635; Richard Latorre, PNNL, 509-372-4418)

On May 24, 2002 two other PNNL technical specialists traveled to the Kharkiv Institute of Physics and Technology (KhIPT) to visit the Center for Reactor Core Design (CRCD). The primary purpose of the visit was for the PNNL representatives to become familiar with CRCD personnel, to review ongoing technical program activities, and to discuss strategy and contractual considerations of pending long-term task orders. The PNNL representatives where also given a tour of selected portions of the KhIPT.

Specific discussions at the CRCD concentrated on the following areas:

  • History of the KhIPT and the Nuclear Fuel Cycle complex
  • CRCD department summary of activities performed during the last year
  • Explanation of completed office renovation work and inspection of new equipment
  • Overview and approaches for each of the pending Task Orders
  • Interfaces of staff with other departments at CRCD, and with specialists in the United States
  • Initial comments on proposed revisions to the Work Implementation Schedule
  • Overview of the relationship between KhIPT, the Ministry of Fuel and Energy and NAEC Energoatom
  • Interface and logistics with translation of project documents
  • Long-term participation in the United States by CRCD specialists
  • Process and progress of the efforts to obtain a regulatory license for the CRCD
  • Rationale of manpower projections and staff loading for the CRCD staff
    (Richard Robinson, PNNL, 509-372-4097; Richard Latorre, PNNL, 509-372-4418)

    Ukrainian Nuclear Fuels Qualification Project (UNFQP) Progresses

    UNFQP Meeting at South Ukraine NPP

    A PNNL technical specialist attended a working meeting of the Ukraine Nuclear Fuel Qualification Project (UNFQP) held at the South Ukraine Nuclear Power Plant (SUNPP). Participants of the meeting included representatives from SUNPP, Westinghouse, NAEK, Energoatom, State Scientific and Technical Center, Center for Reactor Core Design (CRCD), and Westron. The meeting was dedicated to discussing core-monitoring systems, which fulfilled a commitment established during the UNFQP Fifth Working Meeting.

    Various technical and licensing requirements were discussed and issues were resolved. A decision was also made on the best option for SUNPP to use in properly monitoring the Projects nuclear fuel assemblies. The meeting met its objective and the parties were successful in determining and agreeing on a design architecture version for the core monitoring system upgrade.

    UNFQP Regulatory Workshop

    During the week of May 20, 2002, two PNNL technical specialists participated in a Regulatory Workshop on the Ukraine Nuclear Fuels Qualification Project (UNFQP). Prior to the workshop, meetings were scheduled the first two days of the week with, 1) NAEC Energoatom (NAEC) to discuss the Westinghouse Proprietary Agreement, and with 2) the State Nuclear Regulatory Committee of Ukraine (SNRCU) to discuss overall regulatory requirements for the UNFQP.

    The discussions and negotiations with NAEC on the Westinghouse Proprietary Agreement were consummated in a signed unilateral agreement between the two organizations for the protection of proprietary information that will be transferred during the implementation of the UNFQP.

    In the second meeting, one of the PNNL specialists met separately with the Head of SNRCU and a colleague to participate in discussion of the envisioned regulatory process for the UNFQP. The Head of SNRCU started the discussion with a commitment to have the State Scientific and Technical Center (SSTC) work closely and openly with Westinghouse to facilitate an effective and timely SNRCU regulatory approval/concurrence process during the implementation of the UNFQP. He also requested that NAEC immediately submit the Concept Technical Decision on the entire project to facilitate the beginning of the regulatory process with SNRCU.

    The Regulatory Workshop on UNFQP was held during May 22 24, 2002. Presentations and discussions were held between SNRCU, Ministry of Fuel and Energy (MF&E), NAEC, Center for Reactor Core Design (CRCD), South Ukraine NPP, SSTC, DOE, PNNL, and Westinghouse. A focus of the meetings was the need for NAEC to immediately submit the Concept Technical Decision on the project to SNRCU. SNRCU agreed that the submittal of this key licensing document should not await the approval of the revised Work Implementation Schedule. (Richard Robinson, PNNL, 509-372-4097; Richard Latorre, PNNL, 509-372-4418)

    Project Construction Management Group - Status of Heat Plant Commissioning Discussed

    A technical specialist from PNNL traveled to Kyiv and Slavutych, Ukraine in late April and again in late June, 2002. The specialist met with the manager of the Project Construction Management Group (PCMG) in Ukraine to discuss the status of Chornobyl Nuclear Power Plant (ChNPP) replacement heat plant commissioning and final spare parts orders.

    All hot water and steam boilers have been commissioned on natural gas but are just now being cleared for Mazute. A mazute test on one boiler was conducted in May and revealed a problem with the burner atomizers that must be corrected before commissioning on Mazute can be completed. The First Deputy General Direct of ChNPP indicated that the individual boiler tests on Mazute would be accomplished after the burner atomizers are modified and the comprehensive tests would occur in fall 2002 when there is a sufficient heat load.

    All remaining spare parts should be received by the end of June 2002. Discussions also took place on the feasibility study performed by Energoprojekt on the use of excess steam and natural gas capacity for producing electrical power for ChNPP infrastructure usage using steam and/or gas turbines.

    The PNNL technical specialist toured the heat plant site to observe progress since December 2001 and met with the Startup and Adjusment General Contractor Management and reviewed status and completion of their subcontract. Both subcontracts involving the U.S. contributions and the General Contractor are complete and being closed out. (James Hartley, PNNL, 509-372-4428)

    Design Document System Managment and Other Ukraine Projects Discussed

    In mid-May 2002 a representative from PNNL attended a Ukraine reliability database (URDB) seminar in Yalta, Ukraine. Representatives from the primary host-country vendor, Information and Technologies Ltd. (INIT); utility, Energoatom; each of the nuclear power plants (NPPs) in Ukraine; and various other interested parties attended and provided presentations. The PNNL specialist chaired the second days session and presented information on a reliability database use in the United States. The Ukrainian NPPs are now fully engaged in directing the future use of the URDB. A few issues remain, however, these as well as other feature and capability concerns are expected to be resolved using the Energoatom-led URDB working group.

    Following the seminar, the representative from PNNL traveled to Kyiv and met with utility and vendor representatives on the design document system management (DDSM); the event analysis, reporting, and lessons learned (EARLL); Ukraine Quality Assurance (QA); and Ukraine Infrastructure projects. Specific issues were reviewed and statements of work for near-term activities were developed for all four projects. (Tyrone Blackburn, PNNL, 509-372-4092)

    Ukraine Code Support Project Representatives Meet

    Two meetings essential to the Ukraine Code Support Project took place in May in Kyiv, Ukraine. An ANL technical specialist conducted the meetings while a second ANL representative participated.

    The first of two meetings was a Ukraine code support planning meeting between ANL, The International Chornobyl Center (ICC) Safety Analysis Laboratory (SAL), the Laboratory for Engineering Research and Technology (LERT), and the Institute for Electric Power research in Budapest, Hungary (VEIKI). These organizations will provide responses to requests from Ukrainian NPPs for support with usage of the MELCOR and CONTAIN computer codes. Decisions were made on how to formally handle requests for support and responses. All requests and responses will be entered into a MELCOR/CONTAIN Code Support web page for future reference.

    The second meeting was a Ukraine Code Support Project Meeting involving ANL, SAL, LERT, VEIKI, South Ukraine NPP, Khmelnytskyy NPP, Zaporizhzhya NPP, Rivne NPP, and Kyiv Energoprojekt (KIEP). An ANL representative led a discussion during which each NPP described the status of their design basis accident (DBA) analyses, beyond design basis accident (BDBA) analyses, and In-depth Safety Assessments (ISAs), as well as plans involving usage of MELCOR and CONTAIN codes.

    All NPPs requested a workshop on usage and application of MELCOR plus advice on South Ukraine NPP staff who will work on extending their MELCOR 1.8.3. input deck to BDBAs at the workshop. The workshop is tentatively scheduled to be held in Kyiv at the Kyiv National Taras Shevchenko University (KSU), September 2 6, 2002. (James Sienicki, ANL, 630-252-4848; Igor Bodnar, ANL, 630-252-8336)

    Safety Parameter Display System (SPDS) Training Program in Ukraine

    A PNNL technical specialist participated in a workshop with representatives from the Rivne, Zaporizhzhya, Khmelnytskyy, and South Ukraine nuclear power plants (NPPs), as well as the Crimea Technical and Research Center (CTRC). Participants, along with representatives from Path Training Corporation and Westinghouse Electric Corporation, began the process of developing a training program for the Safety Parameter Display Systems (SPDS) that are installed in Ukraine NPP control rooms and simulators.

    The workshop had three main objectives; 1) to define topics and contents for a training course on the SPDS; 2) to assign the responsibility for the various training course topic and content areas to the NPPs; and 3) to develop a general plan of action, as well as a schedule for completing work.

    By the close of the workshop each of the meeting objectives was achieved, future action items were assigned, and a table identifying references and resources was developed. Approximately two interim meetings involving the Ukraine participants will be scheduled, and the second and final workshop was tentatively scheduled for November 2002. (Al Ankrum, PNNL, 509-372-4095; Richard Denning, Battelle, 614-424-7412)

    April - June 2002
    Czech Republic
    United States
    Cross-Cutting Activities
    Planned Activities


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