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September 1999
Czech Republic
United States
Cross-Cutting Activities
Planned Activities

Planned Activities

* Indicates the event is new or has been changed in some way since the last report was issued

* October 25-29 - Moscow, Russia
Management and Operational Safety. Gosatomnadzor staff will participate in a workshop on event reporting and analysis. (George Vargo, PNNL, 509-375-6836)

* November 8 - Kyiv, Ukraine
Zaporizhzhya Safe-Shutdown Study. Representatives of PNNL, Burns & Roe, Brookhaven National Laboratory, and U.S. consultant Engineering Planning and Management will meet to review progress on the safe-shutdown study. (Andy Minister, PNNL, 509-376-4938)

* November 8-19 - Kyiv, Ukraine
Training. A second workshop will be held in the transfer of the Control Room Reactor Operator training program to Ukrainian NPPs. (John Yoder, DOE, 301-903-5650, Don Draper, PNNL, 509-372-4079)

* November 29-December 10 - Kyiv, Ukraine
Training. U.S. training experts from Sonalysts, Inc., and Human Performance Analysis Corporation, along with Ukrainian participants from nuclear power plant organizations and the ETC, will participate in a two-week working session to discuss ongoing modifications to the current one-week Simulator Instructor Training Course. (John Yoder, DOE, 301-903-5650; Joe Cleary, PNNL, 509-372-4094)

* December 6-17 - Armenia NPP, Armenia
Training. A U.S. training expert from Sonalysts, Inc., and a training expert from the IAEA will work with Armenia NPP training and technical specialists to complete preparations for implementation of two training programs for radiation protection technicians and senior foremen for the reactor equipment maintenance shop. (John Yoder, DOE, 301-903-5650; Don Draper, PNNL, 509-372-4079)


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